Geneva Open

Group pricing


Group and Team Pricing at 2017 Geneva Open

 Groups of 10 competitors may only receive group pricing if the entire group registers and pays at one time. The online system allows multiple registrations at one time. If your group members will register individually, they will pay the regular registration prices for groups of 10 and no discount will be extended.

The number of competitors is what constitutes a group. You must have 10 or more competitors to be eligible for group pricing.

Group pricing is available from now to end of December. Groups must have the minimum number of competitors registered using the appropriate group code by end of December be eligible for group pricing.

Group members may receive also a special discount for staying at the event hotel. Hotel rooms must be booked and a confirmation number obtained prior to event registration in order to get the hotel discount.

To register your group, you need a group code. Request here your code for the discount.